This video contains the new and improved version of the GT Xpress 101.  It is now called the Xpress Redi Set Go.

There are six GT Xpress 101 recipes included in this short video.  In a matter of minutes, you can make delicious dishes such as pizza, steak with mushroom and onions, turkey meatballs and crab stuffed mushrooms.  Desserts are also included here.  Baking cakes and cookies in a matter of minutes…… amazing!!

The GT Xpress 101 recipes has been around the marketplace for many years and is designed to decrease the usage of oil and eliminate fat by cooking foods on both sides, which also decreases the time for cooking. The newer and sleeker XPress Redi-Set-Go functions on the same idea and is giving the GT XPress 101 a run for the money.

Each xpress cooker is marketed to busy and wellness-conscious people who wish to be able to make quick and simple meals inside a fly without mucking up the kitchen or becoming forced to digest grease and oil. Each product do operate as created but there are some differences in the two.

The GT XPress 101 expenses is about $50. The design is very simple and is probably sufficient to get for a dorm area or a small condo.  Great for a small family keeping them well fed, but not necessarily a huge family. For a huge family it’s great for indivisual use, and geat for quick snacks anytime. You can feel safe letting your teens cook, they have more options of food choices other than just the microwave. I can see this cooker being used when everyone eats at different times, in todays world of soccer pratices and piano lessons.  This indoor cooker has a compact design and runs on electrical power that is good whenever you don’t wish to heat up the kitchen area.

It also comes with plenty of freebies like recipe books, a spatula, flavor injector along with a pocket maker to create points like pitas.The company asserts that it’ll make reduced carb foods in less than 7 minutes. Inside a kitchen test area , the GT XPress 101 performed as created although a nutritionist stated how the quantity of carbs in a food depends a lot more on what you’re cooking.

Chicken and omelets each cooked in less than 7 mins, but lean steaks were a little bit chewy right after 8 minutes. Although they make fast, in order to make for a loved ones of four you would have to make use of the cooker twice. It is about the size of the sandwich press and is particularly created rather plainly – but is simple to make use of and run! Most consumer reviews indicate that the product is certainly worthwhile and allows them to cook quick, healthy and tasty meals. The non-stick surfaces are simple to clean and some consumers requested the desire for the plates to be in a position to be removed for cleaning.

The Xpress Redi-Set-Go basically is designed to become an indoor grill. It’s advertised to bake, grill, fry or steam meals in much less time than it takes to microwave. This design comes with an insertable pan to make appetizers, a double sided spatula along with a foods divider that is nice when cooking for multiple people. Additionally you get a set of recipes to go together using the cooker. This GT xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker is impeccably created and an ideal match for most modern day kitchens. Add this to xpress 101 recipes site with your grill and you can put together fast and cheap meals, which makes life easier in the fast paced world we live in today.  A modern way of cooking in today’s modern world, where everything is fast,easy and healthy.

In our kitchen tests we looked at the constructed-in timer, it is a nice feature. Foods cooked to perfection without having that burning  possibility facet, all in around seven mins. Even German pancakes had been made flawlessly in this multi purpose cooker…which by the way you can find in the GT xpress recipe guide. They offer a cash back guarantee too as a warranty to supply a replacement in the event of defectiveness. The cord wrap makes for convenient storage and it’s definitely smaller than a toaster or toaster oven. All of the surfaces are non-stick avoiding the require for heavy oils or sprays to lubricate the grill. The inserts are dish washer secure and simple to clean based on customer reviews.

While each of these items have certainly been in a position to prove their worthiness within the kitchen area, the newer XPress Redi-Set-Go is definitely more versatile. Using the detachable trays and also the smooth new look consumers are fired up about putting it in their kitchen. The GT Xpress grill does arrive having  much more detailed and extensive selection of recipes that can make the item much more usable in the every day kitchen. Although both speak about replacing the microwave and also the oven, neither could do that entirely.

For one thing they aren’t able to make facet dishes, casseroles or simply heat up meals without having crisping. All in all, most buyers rave about how much they use this new kitchen area appliance and wonder how they got along without having them. In any situation, buying one of these will never be met with regret, plus they do provide a great way to quickly cook mealsGT Xpress 101 recipes will help you to put together great meals.

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